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Falcons Youth Organization


Est. 1958

    The N.E.D Falcons Youth organization was established in 1958 and its main purpose has been to provide positive outlets and promote competition through competitive sports and other instructional and educational activities in a positive environment in (Park Hill)
for the youth in Denver as well as the other surrounding metropolitan areas touching families and playing in (Independent, PAL,UYFL,TNYFL/AYF )leagues throughout the many decades. 

Mission Statement   

         The N.E.D Falcons Youth organization is founded on the principals of sportsmanship, grit, integrity and a sense of team and community.  We're providing opportunities for all student athletes, Boys and Girls through Football/Cheer challenging them and teaching morals and life lessons through their years in our sports programs, mentoring and outreach. In our competitive calendar year our kids have the options to participate in football, wrestling, 7vs7, cheer(tumbling in season & out of season as well as cheer competitions), spring tackle games(local & national teams).

Competitive Play

(Tournaments, Camps, Cheer competitions & league play)

       Over the last few years football and cheer has changed in our Colorado youth community. In our national associations (TYNFL/AYF, UYFL) you play locally for opportunity for a chance to advance regionally or nationally through a win - you're in concept. This is age group based with a July 31st cut off (Example: if you are 8 years old on July 1st 2021 and turn 9 on August 1st 2021, you will be on the 8u team)8,9,10,11,12,13,14u. In some occasions teams ages may be combined but the ultimate goal is to build out those age groups individually for a better opportunity to compete on a national level. 

The N.E.D. Falcons have a variety of resources, camps, clinics, pre and post season tournaments to participate in throughout the calendar year. Continue to check our calendar here as we will continuously update any Camps/Clinics to enroll your individual athlete and/or will be competing in as a team or organization. This process will also be headed by our manager Coach Grimes who is the Colorado director for the Hall of Fame Youth Football. My job is to support your athlete in these ways; My Goals include
1. Helping Athlete Recruitment through Exciting Content, Combine Events and Clinics local/regionally,etc.
2. Connecting Your Top Athletes and Top Teams to Our National Championship
Platforms, Regional and National Rankings Platform and All-American Games.
3. Supporting Your Top Athletes with an In-House Academy Featuring NFL Coaches and
Hall of Famers for our top 100-200 Athletes
4. Driving Revenue from our National Sponsors to our Organization and League to Improve exposure and development.

     But also, as an organization we will play local teams from around the state, region and country this can only be done by fundraising year round. This will allow us to go to tournaments that are considered exposure ranked tournaments, or pay to play tournaments, which can get our kids opportunities to get an invitation to an invite only camp or pay to participate camps. These things will enrich the overall experience, and allow the athletes to be exposed to more positives through sports. These type of events will give exposure and enhanced experience to your student athlete as they grow through our organization year in and year out.


     Our ability to make all this possible is driven by sponsors, donations, fundraising and community support. We're always looking for generous donations and sponsors to help these kids reach their goals in a healthy way without the frustration of the expenses that can restrict them from acquiring gear or participating because of registration fees or/and travel costs: So please, if you know someone or a business that may be able to sponsor/donate or allow us to hold a fundraiser at their place, please contact Coach Grimes.(


Resources and Community Support

  Our Community Outreach Director Coach Troy Grimes and President Gerie Grimes head our community resources as they work everyday within the educational and mental health community with our youth. We also offer other resources and positive activities such as mentoring programs, family resources, and leadership classes and programs to enhance their overall experience on and off the field. The N.E.D Falcons Youth organization is a community grown non-profit serving youth between the ages of 4 through 14 all across Metro Denver and surrounding areas.   In 2020 Falcon football continued playing against some competitive programs from around the country; Heir Academy from Seattle, the Adidas Patriots from Nebraska, the Bandits from Arizona, and the Las Vegas Prospects. Also in 2020 some of our coaches and players traveled to El Paso for a regional battle tournament. These opportunities and similar opportunities boost the confidence in the kids and accelerates the camaraderie between them.



Registration is now open. We take full payments and partial payments as well as if you have more than one child or need assistance you can now fundraise as we have fundraisers available that will pay for your child's entire registration. Click on the registration tab to enroll athletes.  


Flag Football -  $150.00  (Includes Registration and Uniform)

Rookie Football- $180.00 (Includes Registration and Uniform)

Tackle Football - $250.00 (Includes Registration and Uniform)

Competitive Cheer - $275.00 (Includes Registration and Uniform)

Sponsored by Red Robin

Red Robin

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Mrs. Gerie Grimes

Mrs. Gerie Grimes

Former President

Coach Grimes


Phone: 720-496-3234

Shenae Mckelvin

Shenae Mckelvin

Cheer Coordinator

Phone: 720-628-2816