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History of The Falcons ~ EST. 1958

The N.E.D. Falcons Youth organization, inaugurated in 1958, has steadfastly pursued its principal objective of offering constructive avenues and fostering healthy competition through various sports, instructional endeavors, and educational activities in a positive setting within the Park Hill community. Dedicated to the youth of Denver and the encompassing metropolitan areas, the organization has left an indelible impact on families, actively participating in leagues such as Independent, PAL, UYFL, TNYFL/AYF over the course of numerous decades.

Mission Statement

The foundation of the N.E.D. Falcons Youth organization rests upon the pillars of sportsmanship, resilience, integrity, and a profound commitment to both teamwork and community spirit. We are dedicated to creating opportunities for every student athlete, boy and girl, in football, cheer, and wrestling. Our programs not only challenge these young individuals physically but also impart essential morals and life lessons throughout their journey with us. Through mentoring and outreach initiatives, we strive to nurture well-rounded individuals who embody the values of character, discipline, and community engagement.

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